Sometimes I’m Just Sad

I get sad a lot.

That doesn’t mean I’m lost or broken- or anything like that.

It means I feel things.

People feel things!






And sadness.

When a lot is going on, I get sad.

Eventually everyone comes out of it- myself included.




Something that doesn’t always come naturally.

Something we often have to find elsewhere than ourselves.

Something that makes our lives so much different from those of us the opposite of said emotion.

I can tell you- you can always be happy.

Even if you started at the opposite.

You just have to find it.

All Our Stories

Every single person has a story, a little different from the last. It’s what makes us special. We all grow and thrive in different ways. We all hurt and go through pain in different ways.

    How we’re raised.







    And how we come out after it all- is what makes our stories different. It’s what makes us different. It’s what will forever make our stories special.

Let’s Talk About Different

What makes each and every one of us a little different?

The way we talk?




For me, none of those things really matter. What makes us different is what makes us special! What we’re like. What your laugh sounds like, and how often you smile. If you’re someone who is a comforter, or someone who will leave a get well card on someone else’s porch. Someone who admires from afar, or who walks over with confidence. If you’re shy, or open. Loud or quiet. It doesn’t matter! Each and every one of your traits makes you special!

At the end of the day- it doesn’t matter how you look, dress, walk or talk. All that matters, is that you’re you.

Because you are different. And different is special.

The Only One Stronger Than Hate


This incredible force. It has such power and such strength. It is said that the only element stronger than love is death- yet it doesn’t seem to think so.

Love always overpowers hate, I’ve never seen it not. No matter how much you try to hate someone you love- love will always prevail. You can’t just turn it off, decide not to feel that strong sense of security and warmth, it’s like being wrapped in the world’s softest blanket. You’ll never want to pull away, afraid you’ll grow cold without it.

Love is love. There’s no other way to put it.

This incredible force, this impeccable power. It’s beautiful.

I believe that even death can’t stop it. When has the death of a living being ever stopped us from loving them? Never in my books.

It’s love after all.