So, since I’ve already talked a bit about equality and discrimination, I’ve decided to bring up bullying. Bullying, is something that’s been around forever. No matter which time you look back in history, it was there. I’ve, personally, never heard of a school without bullying. Which is a real tragedy, because kids, are supposed to help each other. People are supposed to help each other. It doesn’t matter if you love the person, or strongly dislike them (hate is a word I don’t use), you NEVER watch someone be bullied. Stand up, tell them to stop. And if it’s you who’s being picked on, and you can’t say anything, please, tell someone. Even if we don’t think so, someone is always there. Someone always has your back. Ask a family member, a friend, another staff member, a teacher, anybody for help. Because it will get better, no matter how bad it is, it will get better. Because life can only get so bad, before it has no choice, but to get better.

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