So, today’s topic I decided, was sexism. Why? I don’t know, but I think it’s because of the sexism I’ve most recently witnessed. I don’t think sexism is ever OK. Many countries, don’t have the same rights as most of the countries we live in. Many prohibit girls from going to school, and many young girls are forced to get married young. But most of you, most likely live in a country, where you do have rights. Where everyone is equal. But yet, people are still sexist. Calling a woman the b-word, is sexist. That needs to be addressed. A friend of mine was called this, but not in a playful way, but in a very rude way. Nobody said anything. No onlookers did anything. When the story finally reached my ears, it had been a few days, and still, nobody had said anything. Nobody had told the person who had said it, that it was wrong. Not one. So I did. There wasn’t much of a choice, and I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was to me. And it was to the others who stood beside me. I also told someone who could really do something, a teacher at my school. Let’s just say they never said that word again (not anywhere near me anyways). Please, if you witness sexism, nobody might do anything, maybe nobody but you. So be strong, stand tall, and say something. Any form of sexism is WRONG! No form of it is to small, and nothing you can tell them is to strong. Because discriminating over someone because of there gender, or anything for that matter, is never OK! Do something, tell someone, say something.

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