You are perfect

So, I’ve decided to write a post that relates to my Beauty post. Today, I’m talking about body shamming. Now, this is something we see on the internet ALL the time. Many celebrities get body shammed, and just regular people to. Fat, ugly, disgusting, people are called this all the time. Why? I’m not really sure, and if you’ve been shammed before, I am truly sorry. No one should feel bad about the way they look, EVER. If you’ve been body shammed before, this is for you. You are brave, strong, beautiful, worthy, and admirable. I admire anyone who has been able to move on after they’ve been hurt like that. Because I know it’s hard to except your body sometimes, but trust me, it’s worth it. It’s worth being able to go out, in whatever the heck you want, and feel, and look like a boss. There’ll always be someone who will make that comment, to take you down. But you, my friend, are stronger then that. Show them you don’t care, show them how much you love yourself. Because you should be proud. We are all beautiful in our own way. If you see someone being body shammed, jump in, tell them to stop. We need to stand together, not apart. Because if we all combine our voices, we’ll be able to change the world.

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