We Are All Different

Differences. Those are what make us special.

Difference, is what makes you different from the person sitting next to you in the overcrowded train. Difference is what makes us stand out, what makes others say: “Wow! I wish I had that hair!” But difference is beautiful, and just because you don’t have ‘that hair’ doesn’t mean you aren’t differently beautiful.

People choose different life paths. You could go to university, or college, or you don’t have to go at all. It doesn’t make you any less from anyone else. If you choose a different path, it makes you different. You could stay in your hometown and study to become a vet, or you could move to LA to become an actor, and take lessons in theater. Both are amazing ways to go, different, but equally amazing.

Differences are what make us beautiful. They’re what make us stand out from the crowd.

Be You.

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