We are are worth fighting for

People are different races, sexuality, and genders. Were from different countries, backgrounds, and cities. Some people are sadder then others, while others are happier. Some people have a disability, and it’s harder for them to do some things, but they still do plenty. Some people ride in cars, while others walk, but they still get to their destinations. Some people cry, while others scream, but they both show emotions in different ways. What does it matter? It doesn’t. We are all worth the same. We are all worth love. We are all worth fighting for.

A quote I composed myself goes something like this: Life is an endless battle, you can never surrender, and you can never except defeat. No matter how hard you try, the battle will never end. But when it does, you’ve fought your way through, and now you may rest in peace.

The quote may be sad, but I like it because I find it very true. Life is a battle. Keep fighting, it will be worth it. Your worth it.

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